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St John Missionary Baptist Church Soul Saving Center
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Led by Bro. Eddie Godley and his wife Anne Godley, the Marriage Ministry at St. John aims to be a ministry resource for married couples by providing sound biblical knowledge and doctrine that will serve to equip and empower couples to work through challenges and adversity in building a successful marriage.

No marriage is perfect, but God has provided a perfect plan and guideline which can be found in His Word.   All couples at St. John are encouraged to take part in this ministry so they will be equipped to continue to fight the good fight of faith when testing times come; and they will come.

At St. John, we believe through daily study and application of God's Word, married couples who have committed themselves first to God and then their spouse will be able to work through challenges and attacks on their marriage.   Couples are urged to keep the faith and look to God as their source and solution when issues arises.

This ministry also serves to equip singles who are preparing to become one in Christ.  

Pastor Gregory V. Black and Evangelist Patricia Black



Pastor Black and Evangelist Black work diligently to not only teach married couples how to have a godly marriage, but as our leaders, they also work to be an example to all couples.  These marriage seminars are not for St. John couples only, but the invitation is always extended to everyone who desires to strengthen their marriage.  This ministry aims to be a resource, for we know God is our source and our strength. 


St. John Marriage Seminar

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